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Initial Securing Packet

The following 3 worksheets are used when you need to complete a full bid on a property (i.e. an Initial Secure).

Property Condition Report
     - The first page of the worksheet documents general information about the property and work completed. This page contains: utility information, type of heating/plumbing system, lot size, driveway size, etc. It also records any lock changes, grass cuts, winterizations, etc completed.

Hazards and Debris
     - The second page of the packet is simply a broad inventory of the items in or outside the property. It is designed to tally by Cubic Yards, with a general description of the type of debris within the house. It also offers a hazard checklist, if your client requires hazards to be listed separately.

Bids and Damages
     - The last page of the packet allows you to track all biddable items or damages. It includes several checkboxes for the common bids such as: extend downspouts, roof damage, missing electrical covers, missing chimney caps, etc. If your desired bid isn't present, there is a 'Other Bids and Damages' section at the bottom of the page.

Once you have all three printed, staple them together in that order. Make sure to have the 'Hazard/Debris' worksheet facing the opposite direction, so the contractor on site does not have to constantly turn the page between the 'Hazard/Debris' and 'Bids/Damages' worksheets.

At this point, these 3 pages should be stapled. If you need any postings for this job (i.e. securing stickers, winterization disclaimers/stickers, etc) staple them to the already assembled packet. The 2nd staple will allow the contractor to tear off postings without separating the bidding worksheets.

     - Here is a document, showing how the worksheets are filled out.
          Example - Property Condition Report
          Example - Hazard and Debris Worksheet
          Example - Bids and Damages Worksheet

Initial Grass Cut and Bid Worksheet

This worksheet is mean for exterior bidding only. Typically, during summertime, your client may ask for an exterior bid only (if you are entering the house, it is better to just use the securing packet). The content of this worksheet is similar to that of the Bids and Damages sheet of the Securing Packet, minus the interior items. It also contains boxes for debris and hazards.

Download the Initial Grass Cut and Bid Worksheet here.

For an example of how this sheet is filled out, follow the link.
     Example - Initial Grass Cut and Bid Worksheet

Winterization Worksheet

The winterization worksheet contains a more detailed account of a winterization, without all the excess bidding. It's great for doing a winterization at a house that does not need a bid, or already has a bid.

Download the Winterization Worksheet here.

For an example of how this sheet is filled out, follow the link.
     Example - Winterization Worksheet

You will also need winterization disclaimers and postings as well. Some clients require specific postings. Download our generic postings below.

Generic Winterization Sticker - These stickers are taped to all fixtures (faucets, toilets, showers, etc) and drains, along with the water heater and water meter/well pump. See wint video for details.
Generic Electric Panel Sticker - This posting is taped over the electric panel. It warns anyone who enters the house not to attempt to tamper with the breaker box.

Bid Approval Worksheet

This worksheet is designed for recording the completion of any of your approved bids. It contains basic information about how the job went, and if there was any work that could not be completed. If the job was a trash-out, it also has a section to list the disposal company used. This is especially useful if your client requires a dump reciept for items removed from the property.

Download the Bid Approval Worksheet here.

For an example of how this worksheet is filled out, follow link.
     Example - Bid Approval Worksheet

Estimate Worksheet

This worksheet is designed for creating specific bids. They will vary depending on your client. For example, the example used on this worksheet is an estimate to cure any city violations. In this scenario, the violations at the property are: tall grass, unmaintained shrubs, exterior debris, etc.

Download the Estimate Worksheet here.

For an example of how this worksheet is filled out, follow link.
     Example - Estimate Worksheet