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http://www.bargainlocks.com/  Locks, Deadbolts, sump pumps, pool covers ... etc.

http://www.mfssupply.com/  Locks, Deads, yada yada ...  these guys also have appliances for REO properties.

http://www.maximlocks.com/  Locks, Deads, Lockboxes .. the usual.

http://www.ushardwaresupply.com/  Same as above, I get bored typing it over and over.

http://www.anacondatools.com/  These guys sell digital deadbolts ...  You know who they are for if you work for them.
So I almost always buy from bargainlocks.  The sump pumps are perfect for the preservation industry.


HUD                  Veteran's Affairs                FEMA                  FreddieMac                    FannieMae                     GinnieMae


National Assoc of Mortgage Field Servicers    I'm still not a member.  I fail to see how they help the small, local contractors.  Maybe I'll sign up to see if I can get some answers.

Mortgage Bankers Assoc

Society of Independent Representatives


There are a bunch on LinkedIn ...  just look up the key words "property preservation" in the Group search.  There are also many more on Yahoo! Groups as well.  Just look up the right keywords.

http://www.reddit.com/r/propertypreservation OK, so I know I just started this sub-reddit, but I think it could really take off.

http://www.fiandpp.com/  I'm on this one, but it cost $5 a month. 

Contractor Talk - Property Preservation Forum - Make sure you use the search button before asking your question.  It's probably been answered 10 times already.

AgentsOnline - Property Preservation Forum  - Not a lot of action on this one.


GoToMyPC.com  I use this daily.

http://www.eastpointsystems.com/  These guys make Field-Comm.  I like it.

http://www.ezinspections.com/ These guys make a web-based solution to upload your results.

http://www.propertypreswizard.com/control.php PropertyPresWizard - REO/Preservation Management Software

FleetMatics I put a locating device in each of my vechicles.  These guys make it easy to track all your crews and have detailed reports of where they were and for how long.

Microsoft Streets and Trips  I use this program to do all my routes.  You could also use Mappoint.


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