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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recognizing Meth Labs

I don't know what is in these bottles
This is the house.
We found this warning after we were done.
Under this pile were beakers, propane
tanks, and other meth making tools.
A couple of days ago, one of my clients had us trash out the remnants of a meth lab.  Here's the scenario ... we got an order with an allowable to do an exterior trash out and complete any securing of the house on the property.  This was the first time we had been to the property.  The exterior debris was over the allowable, but we had to call from site with a bid.  We did so and immediately received approval to complete the work, about 30 CY of debris, a lock change, and boarding an entrance to the crawl space.  After completing the debris removal, the neighbor stopped by and proceeded to tell us a story about what had happened there.  Turns out there was a meth lab in a trailer house on the property.  The trailer caught fire one night and then ignited the meth making chemicals on the inside. There was an enormous explosion and the majority of the debris from the trailer ended up across the road.  The neighbor also said that he has been trying to buy the property from the bank for years, and they are well aware of what has happened there.  I called the county sheriff and he confirmed his story.  This bank sent us to clean up what was left of an exploded meth lab, without telling us the danger.  Thank you Chase Bank, I hope your stockings are filled with coal this year.

This got me thinking about the dangers of running into a meth lab while we visit these properties.  I've put together a list of websites I found that have some useful information.  I'll eventually compile all the info and put a link on the side.

EPA Guidelines for Meth Lab Cleanup

How to Recognize a Meth Lab

How to Spot and Report a Meth Lab

How to Spot a Meth Lab

Meth Smell is Something Not Easily Hidden

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  1. Very nice of them to do....all about the money for banks.